Get unique Spin on Your Photos

Ever since very ancient times,Spirals have been used in many Art forms…

Spirals have been found throughout pre-Columbian Art in Latin and Central America.

In Colombia monkeys, frog and lizard like figures depicted in petroglyphs or as gold offering, figures frequently include spirals, for example on the palms of hands.

In Lower Central America spirals along with circles, wavy lines, crosses and points are universal petroglyphs characters.

In Chinese art, it is an early symbol for the sun!

There is simply No other Application on the market Today that can rival what SpiralFx enables you to achieve out of any images…

SpiralFx Features:

* Create a Spiral on any photo!

* Create Archimede or Logarithmic spirals!

* Save your parameters so you can load them back later.

* Adjust Spread, Repeat, Radius…

* Change center, ReScale for multiple variations...

* Blend (20 different modes provided) and create amazing textures.

* Mix with a background photo of your choice...

* High quality results on images of ANY size!

* Import / Save many file formats

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