Add Glamour & Romance to All Your Pictures!

Simply Easy.Powerful & Beautiful. Works like a dream.

Works on High-resolution pictures.

For the swell and glamorous effect,Romance Photo comes with more than 50 ready made styles you can preview over your own photo in a snap.You can also create your very own romantic mood, preview and apply it to any picture...This beautiful filter lets you apply a unique chemistry to any photo !

Simply Select one of the many mood styles available:

* Dreamy Blacks:Turn to Black and soften, mix back colors and make it one of a kind.

* Dreamy Colors :Simply render a dreamy soft image, softly beautiful, really!

* Hazy:make it smoother, make it go, make it mellow, make it come, through the cloud create romance....

* Glowing HighLights:This is adding a light glow to photos... simply glamorous.

* Day By Night:Add a dark ambiance and lighten your photo at the right place, this is the famous day by night french movie effect.

* Sunset :The beautiful lighting of the morning is there, lets shine on.

* Morning Fresh :For all those photos, that needs a simple clean wake up.. we made them fresh!

* Ethereal:This is a magic Ambiance, is it day, is it night, it is weird and simply out of this world.

                 BONUS & FINE TUNE

* Soft Focus : Adjust Focus where & how you want it

* Vignetting : Diamond, Cross, Circular, Rectangular

* with exposure control that creates very smooth blends

* Borders&Shadows : Add easily beautiful clean borders

and/or soft shadows of any color

* Soft Focus : Smoothly create an outside out of focus effect

for a very gentle and mellow mood

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