Create Natural LightRays on Photos in a Snap.

Presenting LIGHTRAYS ... A brilliant Tool for your desktop using State-of-the-Art techniques.

Create realistic lightrays on your photos very easily for heavenly results.

Pass lights through text and objects thus adding an extra dimension to your photos in seconds. Stream lights through clouds, filter rays through forest canopy, shoot light through text ... Works on High-resolution pictures.

Explore the possibilities.Feel the excitement of being brilliantly in control.

LIGHTRAYS Puts YOU in Control

* Control ray of light direction by moving & repositioning light source origin point anywhere on the picture

* Set Ray length and fading

* Set Ray opening bracket

* Customize ray color via a color wheel

* Adjust the light visibility via thresholding

Works as an Application or as a plugin to Photoshop!

* ColorTone the background image

* Save/Recall a particular setting

* Pan and Zoom anywhere on your photo

* Save/Export the new image in the format of your choice : JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG

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