Turn Memories into Art

Absolutely gorgeous effects Guaranteed!

You don't have to know how to draw to create professional quality sketches In just a few clicks of the mouse and achieve amazing penciling effects with top notch output quality !

For an Easy Start MagicSketcher comes with more than 50 presets. But it is very easy to customize your effect and save your very own.

MagicSketcher is Easy-to-use and intuitive :

Drag and Drop your photos and let MagicSketcher turn them into artistic pencil sketches in just a few click of the mouse.

* Use sketching styles like lines, dots, brushed

* Set background color or texturize with 120 different papers

and backgrounds provided in the preset a powerful colorizer with 20 interactive blending modes with adjustable opacity

. Easily use your own background with step and repeatcolorize your sketch and combine interactively on any background...

* Adjust brightness contrast, radius, details.

* Use an interactive vignette to blend from Photos to Sketch.

An absolutely unique feature and a real must have

* Quickly add a border for a nice final touch

* Save/Recall different settings across multiple images

* Compare instantly the Before/After or do a side by side effect

MagicSketcher delivers High-end Quality Results

It works with photos of any size and yields High-end quality

MagicSketcher reads and writes JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP

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