HDR Photos


Create Mesmerizing Pics in One Stop only.

Standard cameras take photographs with a limited exposure range resulting in the loss of detail in bright or dark areas.

The level of details seen through our eyes is lost.

HDR Effects is your special image sensor allowing you to capture back and reveal a greater range of luminance levels and details found in real world scenes from direct sunlight to dusk and darkness.

When you use HDR Effects, all you have to do is look at your highlighted picture in the Preview Window and apply the effect ! In one stop ! That's it. HDR Effects State-of-the-Art Algorithms will do the rest. It works of course on High resolution pictures.

  Signature Features

* Pan/Zoom window

* Mask Editing with an adjustable

* size brush, mask inversion

* Save/Recall HDR effect

HDR Photos is a powerful tool super-easy to use

that lets you create dramatic images out of any photo.

You love Photography, whether as a professional or a hobbyist, HDR Photos is the Must-Have tool you need.

Left : The background has been highlighted to the extreme to give that cartoonesque rendering while protecting the subject with a mask.

HDR Effects is then applied a second time on the subject alone.

Here is another example of how HDR Photos can make any photo more dramatic in a snap.

The Before/After Preview display mode -

that you can turn On or Off -

helps you be the judge of the best effect for your photo.

A Few Before/After…

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