CLASSY Frames allows you to frame your photos using the same quality frames you would find in a museum, an art gallery or your own living-room...

Here is just a small sampler of the CLASSY Frames Library...

Choose from a sophisticated collection

of ready-to-use frames to dress up your Pictures

Professionally and on Screen.

Changing your mind is so tempting because every

previewed frame look simply beautiful

- wysiwyg, what you see is what you get -.

Works on High-resolution pictures.

CLASSY Frames is so Easy to use !

Reposition or Resize the picture inside of the frame,

adjust the Mat width and its shadow...

Many controls are at your fingertips to

make that special project simply picture-perfect !

With CLASSY Frames, you can even go way further :

* Reposition and resize your picture within the selected frame

* Use your own photo as a moulding or tile and simply adjust the width to vary the effect.

* Add your own mat. On either side, Mats can be of different width ...

* Add a shadow under your frame or mat

* Save/Recall your own frame for use on several pictures

* Select a load of images and apply the framing in one run!

CLASSYFRAMES lives on a 2 way-street where creation and productivity meet.

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