EDGE Studio


Create Eye-Catching Edges in A Snap

Put EDGE Studio on your side and Create Breathtaking effects Easily:

EDGE Studio offers you Hundreds of Edges and Borders for Infinite Variations... and works on High-resolution pictures.

EDGE Studio is A Must-Have for anybody interested in creating

the best design effect around : No more square edges…

EDGE Studio is your specialized studio to finish any project and present any picture with a stunning graphic edge. EDGE Studio lets you even customize your own designer edge effect !

EDGE Studio comes with a library of ready-made edges.

* Comes also with a library of borders that you may transform, colorize, etc...

* No more squared photos on your web pages ! Make the border transparent and save in PNG format ready for placement.

* You can instantly use your very own border and transform it : Rotate/Scale/Flip etc...

* Play with colors, transparency, adjust your edge geometry.

* Use multiple steps to combine borders !

* Works on latest Mac OS or Windows OS

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