Many of us hear stories about security of credit card transactions over the Internet. To our knowledge, no one has ever obtained unauthorized credit card information through intercepted transmissions, the security protocols are just too hard to crack. The Human Software Co Inc is committed to providing our customers with the technology necessary to ensure the security of these transactions. We wouldn't be doing business on the Internet if we didn't believe in the security measures established.

The following may help to answer some of your security questions.


How do you know a site is secure?

Most of the pages of our site contain information intended to be viewed by everyone, so there's no need for security on these pages. The final checkout, the section were sensitive information is collected, is however secure. This checkout process takes place over a secure server using SSL technology. In SSL capable versions of Netscape's Navigator, the "key" in the lower left corner becomes complete (not broken). In Netscape's Communicator, the symbol is a lock that is located in the lower left corner. The lock is open when unsecure, and closed when secure.

In Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the lock only appears when transmission is secure, and is located in the lower right corner. In addition, the URL changes from a http: address to a https: address, with the "s" indicating the use of a secure server. Also, some browsers display a warning when changing security modes. Upon first sight, this message can be startling, and may make some feel that they have done something wrong. But its just another attempt to make the user aware of the security status of their transmissions, and is not to be feared.

If you are ever uncertain about security on our site, always look for the completed "key" or the closed "lock" before entering any sensitive data. Please feel free to contact our webmaster with any concerns about security on our site.