Flow Text on Paths, Warp Paths/Text in Photoshop 7& more or Elements 2/3/4/5

Windows XP/Vista


Version 1 - KeyFeatures
- Manipulate Outline Text (TrueType)
- Put Text or Paths in perspective
- Create Customs Envelopes
- Create rounded rectangles/tables...
- Step & Repeat Paths
- Save/Recall your Settings
- Pan&Zoom at any level

 OttoPaths! Photoshop Filter is on Windows to flow Text on any Path and features:

OttoPaths! version 1 Features:

  • Get and manipulate outline text within Photoshop 5.5/6/7 or Elements
  • Flow text along paths within Photoshop, it is visual, easy!
  • Warp Text or shapes into envelopes (you can build your own!)
  • Mutiple tools to create stars/rounded rectangles/automatic bezier...

draw your path, flow your text


OttoPaths is a selection plug-in :
Flow your text along curves, warp paths on top of your images...OttoPaths is the ONLY plug-in to let you create directly new clipping paths, new selections or even new layers. If you decide to enter a text or flow a text along a path, you can collect an outline text...that may be used as a clipping path!