HSC Edit 3 - Plug-ins to Apple Aperture 3, Lightroom 2/3/4, Photoshop CS3 and above, Elements 6 and above,
comes also as Standalone - Mac or Windows 32/64bit

Edit PhotoSpray - Spray Images on your Photos, this is natural media painting
Edit XFile/Resize - Powerful resizing algorithm for big enlargement minimizing quality loss
Edit Colorize - All Color Adjustments you can think of, HSV, Invert, RGB adjust through virtual lens and more
Edit MultiTones - A super powerful Black&White converter, features a Black Booster for stunning B&W results
Edit AutoCorrect - DarkRoom enhancer, process your photos through this tool and reveal hidden details
Edit AutoFocus - It is not USM(!), it is all about recreating focus, a very efficient way to make your photos crisp.
Edit AutoSmooth - Smoothen skins, rejuvenate Photos, you are doing virtual makeup.
Edit DeNoise - Remove Noise in Color and/or Luminance
Edit FixLens - Correct all kind of lens distortion, fisheye, barrel, pincushion, 180, 360 spherical
Edit Squizz/Grids - Perform grid distortions, create templates and warp photos (fabrics, pictures...) on photos.
Edit Squizz/Grids - Parts of some pictures need to 'diet', or the model was not smiling that day, brush and liquefy
Edit Fractals - Beautiful fractalian effects to blend through layers
Edit Fractals - Amazing way to turn your head on a photo. This is 'mise en abyme'
Edit MagicFrames - Thousands of Frames you can preview real time on your Photos, Create easily your own.
Edit PhotoSpray - Manipulate Mouldings and Mats and use a Classic Frames such as you would find in a gallery
Edit PhotoLights - Play with Layers of Lights and Shadows through Images or Shapes.
Edit Surfaces - Resurface your Photos, give a grain or a subtle emboss look, infinite customisation
Edit DepthField - Perform DepthofField or Bokeh. Virtual Lenses, Tilting, custom kernel, vignetting, all is there.
Edit Hyperfocal - The most powerful contraster you will get... Create pseudo HDR in a snap
Edit Tools - Hundreds of Effects (pagecurl, miniplanet, dartboard, grain, film simulation..) and much more
Edit MotifMaker - Super powerful Pattern Designer, create all kind of repeats in a snap through layers
Edit PhotoWeave - Create Plaids and weaves through formulas

Other HumanSoftware Plug-Ins PowerMac/Windows
for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 and above, Corel PhotoPaint, Paintshop, ULead PhotoImpact....

PhotoTessel 2.0 Plug-In
Create all kind of Plaids or Striped Fabrics
Win Download
Textissimo 3 Plug-In
More than 700 effects for your headlines
Win Download
Mac Download

MagicStyles 1.5 Plug-In
Flow Images on Paths, Text, and apply amazing effects (more than 500)
Win Download
Select Pro Plug-In
MultiColorCorrections without Mask for professional (Mac Universal)
Win Download

AutoMask 4.6 Plug-In
Easy & Fast density masking local or global (Mac Universal)
Win Download
Mac Download
AutoSelect 1.0
Color Correct RGB images without masking (Mac Universal)
Win Download

StarMaker 1.5
Create Stars/Suns, collect them as path/layer/selection
Win Download
SpiroMaker 1.5
Create SpiroGraphs, collect them as path/layer/selection
Win Download

OttoPaths 1.5 Plug-In
Flow & Warp text along a path directly in Photoshop 7&more or Elements 1&more
Win Download

Adobe Photoshop Elements Plug-In
for all applications supporting plug-ins but especially crafted for Photoshop Elements 2 and above

Density Masking, Curves, Color Changes
Win Download
Create Paths, Selections or Layers inside Elements
Win Download

Adobe Photoshop CS3&more / Photoshop Elements Styles/Shapes add-on PowerMac/Windows
Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above

FxPak Styles volume 1
more than 500 beautiful styles per volume
Win Download
FxPak Styles volume 2
more than 500 beautiful styles per volume
Win Download
Mac Download

FxPak Styles volume 3
more than 500 beautiful styles per volume
Win Download
FxPak Shapes volume 1
more than 1000 eclectic shapes
Win Download
Mac Download

Templates or Typographic add-on PowerMac or Windows
IniCaps for Microsoft Word, Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign,

Calendar Templates (Photoshop CS3 and up or Adobe Elements 6 and up)

IniCaps volume 1

a stunning collection of Initial Caps

Win Download
Mac Download
2014 Calendar Templates

Photoshop/Elements 2014 Calendar


2014 Calendar PowerPoint

Create your own 2014 Calendar