HSC Edit 3
The Power of Layers

Hundreds of Tools and Thousands of Effects

inside Apple Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop CS5/CS6, Elements or as Standalone

MacOS X.6/7/8 - Windows

Version 3 - Features
Thousands of Frames available, simply scroll and pick!
Tool Description
MagicFrames lets you design unlimited high-quality image frames and borders for your images. You can combine and customize any of the included 1700+ natural and digital frames or create your own . You can experiment with edge effects, colors, blends, shadows, textures, blurs, gradients and much more!
The image to be framed, can be resized, rotated or adjusted independently for a perfect fit. You can easily add a pattern or create mattes with textured images for gorgeous effects.
You combine multiple layers of edges. Adjust the blending. Play with the blurs. Instantly scroll an fine tune the edge color to get the perfect finishing touch to your photos.
Inside Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements, HSC Edit offers thousands of frames and edges ready to be used!
Use a Contact Sheet and rate the Frames you will use over and over
Tool Description
You can compare side by side different frames and pick the best one. You can give up to five stars and retrieve your favorite frames easily.
Simply start with a blank canvas... select a background with MagicFrames and position your image within.
Use the Layer Template feature and layer images and frames to build a composite template. You can easily modify a layer template and swap an image with another.
A complete library of design elements. It is very easy to add a darkroom edge effects and much more. Any image even a full page layout can be used!