HSC Edit 3
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Hundreds of Tools and Thousands of Effects

inside Apple Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop CS5/CS6, Elements or as Standalone

MacOS X.6/7/8 - Windows

Version 3 - Features
Lens Correction FishEye/ Barrel/PinCushion
Tool Description
This unwanted bending is called barrel distortion. A wide-angle lens distorts the image by curving straight lines. You can end up with a picture that doesn't look quite right because the walls of the room are warped like the reflection in a funhouse mirror.
All wide-angle lenses create some amount of barrel distortion, though the effect can vary depending upon the lens. The wider the lens, the more pronounced the effect will usually be. A fisheye lens, in fact, is just a super-wide-angle lens that has the ultimate in barrel distortion.
FixLens is universal. Simply select one image of your collection that was shot with a specific lens, correct the distortion, save as a template and you can reuse the same lens-template anytime you use this lens!
Just inside Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements, HSC Edit your Photos and correct the lens distortion that your camera might have produced.This is just one of the Hundreds of Tools HSC Edit offers!
DeWarp 180 Degree lenses
Tool Description
PhotoFixLens dewarps 180degree spherical lenses. The corrective filter works in combination with the built in distortion tools that will let you do final adjustments on rotation, perspective, resizing

'CityScape' image courtesy of www.superfisheye.com/
DeWarp 360 Degree lenses
Tool Description
PhotoFixLens dewarps 360degree spherical lenses. The angle slider, offset the image so you can decide where you want it to starts, you can also perform all kind of flips