HSC Edit 3
The Power of Layers

Hundreds of Tools and Thousands of Effects

inside Apple Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop CS5/CS6, Elements or as Standalone

MacOS X.6/7/8 - Windows

Version 3 - Features
Add Beautiful ClassicFrames around Your Photos
Tool Description
HumanSoftware has been offering to thousands of satisfied users beautiful ClassicFrames. Edit has been rewritten from scratch and is more powerful than ever. Itmakes creating and using ClassyFrames a breeze
You work with mouldings and mats that you can tweak infinitely. You can add shadows, texturize your mat...
you can even resurface your photo within the frame for a more rustic or painting look!
Fire up the power of layer... simply add a layer, select your frame within. You can manipulate the frame independently from your image.Scrapbookers get ready for some serious beautiful fun!
Just inside Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements, HSC Edit your Photos and give the final touch with frames that you would have in your living room.This is just a few of the Thousands of effects HSC Edit offers!
Add to the Library simply scroll Preview Fast and Pick!
Tool Description
We provide mouldings that you can combine, instantly resize for the perfect frame. But now any image can be used as a moulding, you can create stunning frames this way!
Side by Side and rate your Frame!
Tool Description
You can give a rating to your favorite, so you can recall this specific frame easily. It is also possible to open a contact sheet and compare multiple frames side by side.