Customize your very own 2014 Calendar

Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista/7/8


- Over 60 different 2014 Calendar Templates
- Comes as PhotoShop/Elements Files
- Add Styles and Customize
- Remove/Change the Grid
- Good for Print at ANY final size
- Work inside Photoshop CS3 and above or Elements 2 & +


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We have been selling Calendar Templates to Professionals all over the world for more than 8 Years, get Yours Today :

  • Download, modify and print professional 2014 calendar templates in a snap!
  • Every year, you get a consistency and a similar look. We have been offering those templates every year for the past 8 years!
  • All templates in text mode, so you can change the canvas size and resize to ANY dimension without any quality loss
  • We offer 5 sets of 12 months calendar templates (including one set with weeks starting on Monday) plus 4 full year templates as Photoshop layer files.
  • With the 2014 Templates you can fully customize the full year or per months templates
  • Change font types/sizes/colors easily.
  • Insert your own graphics within any template as a new layer or perform special effects
  • Get all of the templates for only 19.95$
  • Not using English, it is easy just reedit the months and days in a couple of seconds
  • Works great with Photoshop/Elements Styles, add our FXPakStyles and get a bundle to save even more

1- Open in Photoshop or Elements one of the Ready Made Templates, you will find several (full year or month per month)

2- Customize, change Font Style, Colors, add Effect Styles, Insert your own Image(s), Remove the Grid... Do any resizing to fit your final page size without loosing any text quality and Print your very own calendar

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