RGB Color changes without masking Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5, Elements 6 to 9 PaintShop, Corel, ULead

Mac OS X Universal - Windows XP/Vista/7

Version 1 - KeyFeatures
- Change selectively colors in RGB without building Mask
- Compare easily changes side by side
- Up to nine variations at once
- Correct a color cast in a snap
- Correct red eyes
- Change eyes/clothes color and more

Plug-In for all Applications on Windows or Universal Mac Tiger/Leopard that run Photoshop PlugIns (including CS5) and features:

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AutoSelect 1.8 ...for Mac AutoSelect 1.0 ...for Windows
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roll the mouse over the image and change the red hues and red shades without doing any mask and modifying other colors...

Define the source colors you wish to operate on, you may select multiple colors with a color picker. You can take advantage of RGB, LAB or HSV space to perform color changes even if the image remains in RGB. Simply sample the colors in the area you wish to affect with the built in Color Sampler Tool, and slide the bars to get the color you want to reach, you can adjust the range and limit the extent of modifications. An easy brush mask creates an instant selection and quickly limits the effect. Unlike Photoshop HueSaturationValue changes, the selectivity range will limit the effect to the color you want to change and will keep all the shades for a natural rendering!
easily pick up the colors you want to modify, you may modify multiple at once with independant color ranges. It is also possible to get up to nine side by side variations. (Mac OS X interface shown, Windows and Mac interface differs)

original image is the center red, nine side by side variations, no selection outside AutoSelect has been created
Use AutoSelect to remove Color Casts, one step..no mask!
roll the mouse over the image and get a snow white!
Use AutoSelect to correct Red/Green eyes, change color eyes and much more...