Automatic Multi-Density Masking for Photoshop 7 to CS6, Elements 2 to 11

Mac OS X Universal- Windows XP/Vista/7/8


Version 4.6 - KeyFeatures
- Virtual Mechanism for Speed
- Airbrush to remove unwanted Spots
- Brush...unlimited Density Readings
- Works on Layers/Channels in RGB/LAB/CMYK
- Perfect for trees, hairs, furs...

NEW AutoMask release 4.6...more Powerful than Ever... Featuring the new Density Brush in 'Veil' mode, and new Advanced Algorithms for smoother results!

AutoMask! version 4.6 now Universal on Mac Tiger/Leopard or Windows is a Photoshop/Corel PaintShop Filter Plug-In and Features:

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(Get a bundle and save.. add AutoCorrect and save 30%)
Click on each of the Images Below and Checkout 3 Jobs...
Keep Transparency
Tough Silhouettes
Work on Glasses

Perform Precise Masking Fast... Hairs, Trees, Smokes, Transparencies, Blurred Edges... AutoMask will do it for you.

AutoMask works directly in LAB or RGB or CMYK...on a layer of Photoshop/Corel PaintShop... Do not spend more with another masking tool... AutoMask has it all and will be a time-saver especially on difficult subjects such as furs/trees...  

AutoMask 4.6 works on Mac-Intel, on Windows XP/Vista 

check out this animation and see for yourself how the density brush works...


Before & After...